About Korfball

Korfball is a mixed sex sport so you can make friends with people of both sexes.

Korfball improves fitness and keeps you in shape.

Korfballers need to work as a team to score goals. Junior players develop team skills by playing korfball.

Find the level to suit you. Korfballers in London range from primary school children to England internationals.





Don’t know how to play? Here’s a quick summary…

Korfball has one basket to score into at each end of the court – it’s similar to basketball and netball in this respect. Each team tries to score in one basket and stop the opposition scoring in the other.
Each team has four females and four males. Teams divide into two sections – two males and two females in each section.
One section starts in attack, the other in defence. The sections swap round every time two goals have been scored.
A player is not allowed to mark someone of the opposite sex.
Players are not allowed to run with the ball, dribble it or make contact with the ball below the knee.
Pushing, barging or holding an opponent or knocking the ball from an opponent’s hands are not allowed.
A unique rule of korfball is the “defended shot“ rule. This encourages co-operation as well as ensuring that shorter players can still mark taller players. An attacker cannot shoot if a defender of the same sex is:

  • Closer to the basket than the attacker
  • Is within an arm’s length of them
  • Has their face turned towards the attacker and
  • Is attempting to block the shot
The full rules of korfball can be found here (see the Playing Rules section) while you can see an introductory video below.



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